My First Downtown Blog

Actually, this is my first blog ever. I will start out by apologizing. I will make grammatical mistakes, which I saw was a big “no no” while I was reading about blogs for dummies online. I will also make spelling errors and may run off on some tangents (those who know me won’t be surprised). All that being said, I should have started this four years ago when I started with Jackson Downtown Development Corporation. Oh, the stories I could have shared.

But today is October 2, 2013 and it is never too late to start.  There are a million things I want to say about JDDC, downtown Jackson, downtown businesses, projects,  residential issues, perceptions, people, and the dreaded topic…downtown parking. I will be touching on those topics eventually, but today, it is more of a welcome. Welcome to downtown Jackson, TN!

I was having a discussion last week with a friend about JDDC’s image when it is or is not compared to other non-profits in the area. I was struggling with why the community does not see us as a non-profit. I was informed that maybe JDDC was not effectively telling it’s story. After getting a bit defensive, I realized my friend was right. I have been focused on doing projects, JDDC events, partnering and promoting others’ events. I forgot to tell you the why! Why is downtown Jackson important enough to invest dollars, time and energy. I can be pretty stubborn and I believe I have had several friends try to get me to tell the why, I just wasn’t listening. Well, I get it now, finally. I just can’t do it in one sitting. Jackson’s story started almost 200 years ago, so it will take some time. It will also take you to assist in the storytelling.

My hope is you will read this blog and learn something about downtown Jackson, the people that make it special and why you should care what happens to downtown. I also hope that you will teach me something about its past and what we can do to make the future of downtown great. We are one big community and it will take discussion, ideas, implementation from all of us to make it the best community.


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